About Ancil Lea

Ancil Lea has been at the intersection of healthcare and software technology since the late 1980s -- working with early stage Healthtech companies and helping them gain new clients by connecting them to prospects and walking the deal through the sales process to success. Over the years, he's worked with more than 2,000 hospitals, medical clinics, and outpatient surgery centers to help them make the best decisions regarding medical software technology and marketing solutions.

Ancil and his team continue to help healthcare facilities and medical practices manage and grow their organizations in ways that meet their unique needs. His decades of experience, connections, and expertise offer a number of key benefits: 

  • Proven sales methodology for acquiring new clients in the complex healthcare world.
  • Strong relationships and a referral network of both healthcare clients and experienced health-tech partners
  • Knowing what marketing needs to be done and implemented to reach your goals.
  • Expertise in assessing software options for healthcare organizations and evaluating new technologies
  • Assistance in connecting software solution providers with healthcare organizations to create win-win outcomes
  • Implementation of new software roll-outs that will lead to successful adoption by all parties involved

Ancil and his firm has also coached many healthcare tech start-ups to help them figure out their sales strategies, define their value propositions, develop their go-to-market strategies, and connect to prospects and sign up new clients.

After selling medical software technology for the past 33 years to over 2,000 medical clinics, hospitals, and surgery centers, we have developed a system of how to get new clients in this very ‘hard to sell into’ healthcare world. We share those ‘secrets’ in this video course in order to help you understand how to be successful at getting your own new clients.


David Martin

CEO, Allegiance Consulting & Well-Care

"Ancil brought credibility and a network of consultants which enabled us to make sales of our products in just a short amount of time—days."

Alan Dial

President, StaffDx LLC

"Ancil Lea is a relational sales innovator. His brilliance is his ability to identify and bring together an organization's needs with a matching technology and he facilitates this with a personal relationship that represents your brand well."

Sarah Badahman

HIPAAtrek founder

"We saw a huge improvement in our sales and marketing efforts after engaging Ancil and his team, resulting in several new significant clients in the first 2 months."

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